Who are we

We are aspiring to be one of the best security companies in Australia. Even if you haven’t heard of us yet, we are a leading company in the Australian Security industry and are among the most respected professional services focusing on security, guest relations and innovation to provide the most outstanding results for all our clients.

With our company, your satisfaction is among our top priorities. You can have full confidence in choosing our team as we make it a chief priority to develop trusted relationships with our clients our thorough and detail-oriented emphasis on quality and proven results. Our company is insured and all of our employees go through stringent screening and training to deliver the best quality service for your peace of mind.


Intellectual property

The entire value of our  history of providing professional security services is vested in the our brand.

Our employees work to safeguard this brand and respect the valid intellectual property rights of others.


Privacy and data protection

We respects the individual’s right to privacy and is committed to handling personal data responsibly and in compliance with applicable privacy and data protection laws.



All employees are expected to exercise particular care to prevent any unauthorised use or disclosure of confidential or proprietary information. Non-public information belonging to our customers or business partners to whom we gain access through our business must also be protected, in accordance with all legal and contractual requirements.

We have a track record that’s flawless

Attention to details is what makes us the first choice for your all security needs. Our security officers are fully licensed and insured for your peace of mind. Call us now for a custom security quote.

Security Licenses: VIC  969-577-10S • NSW  000105282 • QLD 4376231